TIC TAK TOE INSTRUCTIONS You are x’s And Your Opponent is o’s on your turn, click anywhere on the grid to place an x in a that square. your Goal is to get  three in a row  before your opponent does  try your skill  getting four in a row  on the 5×5 grid for an extra challenge if things are skill to easy . Take it up a notch by switching to hard mode. you can play against a computer or with a friend the same computer TIC TAC TOE

tic tak toe tips & tricks  control the corners. Most players go for middle space when ever then can ‘ but do not ignore the corners’ you can use corners to set up multiple winning moves at ones leaving your opponent  no way to block your win. TIC TAC TOE

watch your opponent take note  of where tha place their o’s keep your  eyes open for does winning sports so you can block then be four get three in arrow

Bigger grid more space then 5×5 grid can be quite the challenge the rules are then same except  now you’ll be looking to get four in row. its best to control the center when playing on the bigger borad

since there are five sqrares in each row and column putting your x’s three adjacent sports willgive you to possible winning moves leaving youer opponent in trap

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