Game GUIDE the sugar into the cup by drawing ways on the screen. some level have different  hued cupes so you ‘ll need to manage the sugar through the shading that mach the cup in oder to score. complete each of the 30 levels to opened free play mode!

sugar tips and deceives

start at cup you may think that its simpler to draw ways that start   from cup and back to the cup and lead back to the sugar streams. This way you can ensure that the sugar will fall into the right cup when working with numerous cups or hues

Drawing thems on then screen. the slightest  knock in the  street will leave the sugar speechless.

heap it up in level with multi buddy cups have a go at allowing the sugar to sugar and heap up on stage or your ways eventually   the sugar will pour out over the edge , allowing you a second streams  to manage into place.

Pause for a moment to design the sugar will pour unendingly and the levels aren’t planned so you can take as much time as necessary to truly design the bast move.


Sugar is a lot of a vital riddles game Drawing liens on the screen can improves engine abilities and control. The games likewise gives plyers a chance  to play around with  material science and points, making different  ways that accelerate or hinder the streams relying upon the edge they are drawn.

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