MAINLANDS s WARS Utilize LEFT and Option to control and Here and there to push ahead and backward.Press SPACEBAR or Z to shoot. Press Move or X to run .Watch your ammunition at the base of the screen ,and know that swank costs one ammunition as well. After you beat a couple of levels you’ll begin getting updates .Would you be able to assemble a super tank and clear the course ?

Mainlands are in war ! Your motivation is to turn into the fundamental hero on the planet !Utilize uncommon capacities and your incredible brain to crush all the foe Power or bite the dust never kowing magnificence and honor.


mouse as it were

Hot Keys

”CTRL” to move the entirety of your military

“Move” TO Pick Scarcely any Nations

“SPACE” to Respite/un pause”1,2,3,4,5,6 to by things

“Q” W, E TO Redesign Chose COUNTRY¬† INST,

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