Fat Slice

Fat Slice

Fat Slice  snap and r dark  over a shape to cut it up. attempt to use as scarcely any cuts as could reasonably be expected.

you can’t cut between the ricocheting balls, or have your cut hit by them.

A riddle game made for a touch  screen cut up shapes with  your finger while abstaining from ricocheting balls and usliceable dividers

Fat Slice 2 is a superb and fun game during which you want to test out your slicing skills. you’re present with a variety of various objects that you simply must splice correctly to realize your goal in each level.
You will encounter different obstacles as you play like bouncing balls, bombs, and even walls that you simply cannot break. attempt to get all of the achievements within the game and see if you’ll become a master slicer!

Release Date
The game was initially released as mobile apps in March 2018. The HTML5 version has been available since June 2018. the newest version as of May 2019 are often played here on CrazyGames.
Fat Slice 2 is developed by ChewOnGlass.
Multiple levels to play
Different shapes to slice
Obstacles which will avoid your slice
Achievements to urge
Clean game interface
Web browser (desktop and mobile)


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