2048 Puzzles Game

2048 Puzzles Game

Game 2048 is browser based single player (You can also try out the latest version of the game at our website which is written for two persons). Puzzle Game 2048 was written in March 2014 by 19 year-old creator Gabriele Cirulli which is Italian in origin. The main objective of the game is to slide on numbered tiles on a grid and combine them to get the tiles equal to 2048. The most popular flash game was written and created in less than two days as an exercise in programming

. According to the author he created the game as a test to see if he could program a game from scratch , such popularity really is a delightful result. He was extremely surprised when his game received over 4 000 000 visitors in less than a week because it was just a weekend project , a way to pass the time turned out to be lucrative. The author of the game said that he was unwilling to make money because he didn’t invent , he only created the game.

We have a column with 4 x 4. In each round, there is tile face value “2 with a probability of 90% or 4 with a chance of 10%”. By pressing the arrows on the keyboard the player can remove and combine all the tiles of the playing field in one of the 4 sides. If you combine two tiles of the same denomination on one another horizontally or vertically, they stick together in one whose value is equal to the sum combined tiles. After each new turn in the free section of the field there is a new tile 2 or 4. If when you press the arrow button you have no move this means that you are deadlocked try to press on arrow on keyboard , turn on another side (left

, right , up or down) based on your situation. The main principle of the strategy is the location of the numbers , we must completely fill the first column with the highest numbers. Thus, in the second column, the average number is less than in the first, and in the 3rd column smaller than in the second one. This principle implies that when choosing a course we should give preference to such move , which increases the number of the first column. The maximum number of points you can score during the game is 3932100 and the maximum number of the tiles will be 131 072. The game ends if after a move by arrows can`t perform an action. 2048 became hit all over the world the game has been described as a candy for math geeks. So move your brains , train your skills and thinking abilities. In other word have a good passtime playing the Game 2048 online for free at our website

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