IQ Ball

IQ Ball

IQ Ball Level of intelligence Ball  you will likely get the little purple level of intelligence GAME critter to the objective. to do  this you shoot out with his grabber and lock onto diminishes n to move him along towards his Objective.

the fawner the move you utilize the better  fundamental expertise critical thinking figure out how to move level of intelligence GAME ough each – investigate the earth and figure out how things work experimentation – be audacious ,continue attempting until you succeed

Q Ball is a fun and exciting arcade puzzle game in which you must try and grab the target with your spike. This might sound easy but you will encounter a number of different obstacles and puzzles to solve in order to progress and complete the level.
Each level has a different situation to unravel and you must use your logic and skill and solve the puzzle. You must also try and complete each level with as few click as possible. There is 25 epic levels to play and each one offers something new. Can you conquer IQ Ball?

Release Date
July 2010
A puzzle game with physics element
25 levels to play
A fun scene in each level
The clicks used to complete a level is recorded
IQ Ball is a web browser game.

regular core  association mp1 make scene of issue and continue on in fathoming them mp7 search for and utilize structure

Level of intelligence GAME utilize it kids4coolmath games yesteryear objective is to fget minimal purple intelligence level GAME critter to the traget . to do this shoot out with  grabber and lock on to diminishes to move


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