Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop   purchase supplies, crate your coffee recipe, set your price during the day keep an eye one what potential customers this as the walk by   and keep an eye on what your customers think right ofter they taste  your coffee.

Time Management time games come and go but one of the all time favorites has to be the coffee shop game. it was one of the first flash games i played on the Wab skill  captivates me.

not only this game fun but it also teacher your how to manage you time property  you basically have to by your supplies, coffee beans’ coffee cups machines and all others coffee Paraphernalia.Then you have to setup a a coffee shop create some coffee recipes and set yours prices.

Then it Time o start selling your coffee and make as much money as possible. That is the point of the game to sell coffee and make money  and do it all in the 14 day time limit.

you have to constantly  check coffee price points as potential customers walk by test the coffee recipes  you have invented.

Adjustments in your recipes will make the price of the coffee fluctuate.

SO YOU NEE TO BE  careful that you don’t  prices your self out business.

The Game also has quite a few environmental factors  built into it.

for example on cold ay you will sell more coffee.

How ever iced coffee may do better on hot days . you will have  possibilities with in the Game.

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